State Transfer FAQs

December 18, 2023

The most awaited ‘State Transfer’ event is coming soon.
It is scheduled for January 2024 in a few states. Before that, chiefs can start hoarding some Transfer Passes in advance. Let’s take a look at the event schedule first.

The event lasts 7 days and is divided into three phases:

– Phase I: Pre-Transfer (3 Days)
During this phase, the President can set a Power Cap threshold for entry into their State; Chiefs above the Power Cap can only transfer to a State at the invitation of its President in Phrase II or Phase III. Ordinary chiefs (not presidents) will be able to view potential destinations and the status of target States.
*States are categorized as either Leading or Ordinary. Leading States are at the vanguard of human prosperity. Leading States’ Power Cap thresholds cannot be modified and are set to the lowest level by default; Leading States cannot issue Special Invites.

– Phase II: Invitational Transfer (2 Days)
Presidents may issue Ordinary and Special Invites to ask Chiefs of other States to transfer early.

– Phase III: Free Transfer (2 Days)
Chiefs are free to transfer anywhere provided they meet a State’s Power Cap.

State transfers cost [Transfer Passes]. The number required is determined by a Chief’s Transfer Score. It is determined by chiefs’ stats, the higher it is (compared to eligible States’ Rating), the more [Transfer Passes] are required. [Transfer Passes] can be obtained from packs or the Alliance Shop.

*Presidents are not eligible for State Transfer.
*For more detailed rules on State Transfer and its effects, please refer to the in-game rules.


Q0 Is it a permanent move? Yes, the transfer is permanent, but the event is temporary. You will remain in the state after the event ends. Example, let’s say you at State 1, and there is event State Transfer, you transfer to State 2, After the event end, you’ll stay at State 2 as permanent

Q1: What is the teleport range of the event? You can only transfer to another state that has the same hero generation and fire crystal level. You need to meet the requirements for Transfer: Character Creation Age – Destinated State Age ≤ 45 Days

Q2: Leading States & Ordinary States Leading State: States at the vanguard of human prosperity. Power Cap thresholds for transferring to Leading States cannot be modified and will be preset to the lowest; Leading States cannot issue Special Invites. Ordinary States: States other than the Leading States Note: Both States have different transfer limits. The transfer limit of an Ordinary State is 50 whereas a Leading State is 10. When a State has available Special Invites, then it can invite more Chiefs even after reaching its transfer limit.

Q3: Special Invites & Ordinary Invites Special Invites: Only issued to Chiefs who exceed a State’s Power Cap. Each State initially has access to 3 Special Invites, with 1 spent Invite restored on the 1st of each month (0:00 UTC). The max Special Invites that can be issued is 3. Ordinary Invites: For Chiefs who meet a State’s Power Cap, the number of Ordinary Invites is capped to around 50% of the maximum number of Chiefs that can transfer into a given State. Note: The number of Special Invites is an initial value and will take time to restore.

Q4: How to check whether the target State has reach its transfer limit? Tap State List and select the corresponding State to view the information.

Q5: If I dismiss all my Troops and unequip my Gear, will it affect my transfer score? No, it will not lower your transfer score e.g does not make you look weaker to the system

Q6: Can I withdraw President Invites? How do I do it? President Invites cannot be withdrawn. Please use them wisely.

Q7: Will invited players be notified of the invitation? Special invites has a mail notification, ordinary invites don’t have any. Players can see the ordinary invites through event interface only

Q8: How many Transfer Pass does one need for a Transfer? How is it calculated? To perform a transfer, the number of Transfer Passes required is determined by two key factors: your Transfer Score and the State’s Transfer Rating. This information is typically displayed in the bottom right corner of a State’s Transfer page. The needed number of Transfer Passes typically ranges between 1 and 50. The specific amount required for a transfer is calculated based on your Transfer Score and the State’s Transfer Rating.

Q9: Will I receive my ranking rewards for ongoing events with leaderboards upon a Transfer? No, you will only receive rewards based on your event progress. As the final rankings on the leaderboards have yet to be finalized, the rewards cannot be settled. It is recommended that you pay attention to the progress of the events before deciding to transfer.

Q10: When will Transfer be available on my server? The schedule is not yet available. Please stay tuned.

Q11: Why do I end up with fewer resources after a Transfer? Resources that exceed the Storehouse Protection limit will be lost.

Q12:Why do I lose some of my Special Invites? Your Special Invites will be deducted when issued to Chiefs who exceed your State’s Power Cap (regardless of whether they transfer to your State or not). The Special Invites will be returned when the Chiefs turn down your invitation/transfer to other States/have not transferred by the end of the event.
Q13: How many Transfer Passes in total can I get during the event? Transfer Passes are sold in packs, with a total of 85 Transfer Passes available for sale each month.
Q14: Can I stock up on Special Invites? No. The max Special Invites is 3.
Q15: By extending a President Invite, do I have to provide the required Transfer Passes for the invited player? No. The invited player has to cover the Transfer costs themselves.
Q16: If the target State already has 2 characters, can I still teleport to the State? Yes. There can be up to 4 characters in a State.
Q17: What should I do if there are no more Transfer slots in the target State? The Transfer slots are on a first-come, first-served basis. You are advised to prepare for your Transfer in advance. Other than that, you can also contact the President of the target State for an early Invite in Phase II.
Q18: How often will this event be held? This event is not held at fixed intervals. Please see the in-game schedule for the latest updates.
Q19: What if a State has no President during State Transfer after losing in the State of Power event? If the State has no President during the current State Transfer, then the previous President will perform the presidential duties (including setting a Transfer Power Cap threshold in Phase I, inviting other Chiefs to the State, and approving Transfer Requests).
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