Facilities are high-tech buildings scattered across the map around the Sunfire Castle and provide valuable buffs to all members of the alliances controlling them.

These boosts are helpful for players in growing their power and increasing their stats for events.

To control a facility, an alliance must connect its territory to it to access it. This can be done by building your alliance headquarters or your alliance banners next to the facility. You cannot attack facilities that do not border your alliance territory.


Tips & Guides

1. An Alliance must occupy a facility for a continuous duration of 30 minutes to gain control.

2. The control of a facility lasts for a period of 3 days. After this time, the control can be rechallenged as follows:
a. The current controlling Alliance (Alliance A) must defend the facility for 24 hours to maintain control.
b. Another Alliance (Alliance B) can take control by occupying the facility for 30 minutes.
c. If Alliance A regains control from Alliance B, they only need to occupy the facility for 30 minutes, as a control switch resets the timer.

Note: If the facility is in a vulnerable condition, the bonuses will not be effective.

3. Rewards are provided to the controlling Alliance the first time a facility becomes available for contention.


Attention: Facility of the same type will stack their benefits but will not if they have the same level.

For simplification:
1.) Same type, different level = benefits WILL stack.
2.) Same type, same level = benefits WILL NOT stack.

An alliance can benefit from a total of 12 Facilities. This is of course, difficult to achieve. Still, it is possible through strategic banner placing.

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