Update 24/04/2024

April 24, 2024

We will release a version update on April 24 from 6:00 to 8:00 UTC to bring you a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. You may experience 2-3 minutes of disconnection, please try to reconnect later. Below are the details of this upcoming update:

[New Content]
1. New heroes: Gen 8 heroes. Gatot the foreign valiant king, Hendrik the sea-loving captain of the Neptune, and Sonya the money-minded engineer will soon grace the Tundra with their presence and make your Squad more powerful!
2. New feature: Daybreak Island. Search for the legendary Daybreak Island, bring the Tree of Life back to life. Make this island warm again, and it will sure be your new home. (Building shape will change as it is leveled up, this will be available in later update.)
3. New feature: Hero Gear Ascension. Mythic Gear at Enhancement Level 100 can be ascended to Legendary Gear to make your heroes more powerful (available on servers that meet the requirements).
4. New event: Daybreak Expedition. During the event, complete Daily Missions to earn Daybreak Points that can help you level up and unlock more rewards (a one-time event, unlocks at Furnace Lv. 7).

[Optimization & Adjustment]
1. Rally management optimization: R4 and R5 members can now expel allies’ squads in rallies for strategic purposes (excluding Bear Hunt rallies).
2. New Skin Shop item: Mushroom-themed march skin—Mushroom Fairy (Permanent).
3. Mail optimization: Added the notification bubble feature for system mails to make sure you receive all important notices and rewards.
4. Chat optimization: Added the feature that allows alliance officers to mention everyone in alliance chat to facilitate communication.
5. Pet Skills: Pet Skills that do not take effect are hidden in some battlefields.
6. Foundry Battle: Added the “Abstention” option for players who do not wish to participate.
7. Polar Terror: Added Lv. 7 Polar Terror in Wilderness (available on servers that meet the requirements).
8. Weekly & Monthly Cards reward reissuance: Unclaimed rewards for the day you have logged in will be reissued via mail on the next day.
9. Crazy Joe: Added new difficulty Lv. 12 to 21 to provide a more challenging experience and bring more rewards to alliances. (available on servers that meet the requirements)
10. Speedup Weekly Card optimization: Players are no longer required to reach Furnace Lv. 10 to purchase Speedup Weekly Cards.
11. Purchase confirmation: Added a confirmation popup when a large amount of Gems are used to purchase an item and when Gems are used to purchase Loyalty Tags in Enlistment Office.
12. Canyon Clash: Added announcements for the opening of battlefield buildings to keep you in the loop of battlefield updates (available on servers that meet the requirements).
13. Bear Hunt: Added 5 new Personal Damage Reward tiers (Please check in-game rules for more details)
14. State Transfer: Raising the upper limit for each tier of the Transfer Power
15. Interface and stability optimization: Optimized the display of some interfaces and fixed existing bugs to ensure the game runs smoothly.

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