Tips for Gem Usage

October 30, 2023

Gem Usage Guidelines We all have that fear of using gems on the wrong thing. I have created this guide to help you. Here you will find all the information on gems. | Gems available from:

  1.  Daily Missions
  2. Occupations (Strongholds ect..)
  3. Growth Missions
  4. Paid Packs
  5. Chapter Rewards
  6. Events
  7. Monument
  8. Alliance Gifts
  9. Trails
  10. 7-Day
  11. Arena
  12. SOS Box
  13. Chief’s Approval Rating
  14. Daily Contribution Ranking Rewards
  15. Expedition

| What to spend on: (This goes in priority. Top being the top priority)

  1.  The 2nd builder is a must have to build your base and level those buildings as fast as possible. For 1000 gems every 2 days.
  2. The lucky wheel is your way of getting ZinMan if you want him.
  3. Vip 4-6-7 [Depending if you are a spender or not]
    • Vip 4 is useful for non spenders as it gives them the following daily if vip is activated:

    +10% Construction Speed x1 Epic General Hero Shard

    • Vip 6 is for low – middle spenders and gives them the following daily if vip is activated

    +1 March Queue x2 Epic General Hero Shard x2 Epic Exploration Manual x2 Epic Expedition Instructional

    • Vip 7 is for big spenders and gives them the following daily if vip is activated

    +14% Resource Production Speed +600k Storehouse Capacity x1 Epic General Hero Shard

Getting stuff from Vip shop is ok but not in excess. Meaning spend only if urgent but don’t spend too much.

There’s really nothing that’s worth buying in the gem shop unless you need something like loyalty or the server megaphone for some reason

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