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November 12, 2023

Hello, a new event has recently been added to the game and it is a really nice event for F2P players to improve their talismans. I have prepared this guide based on my own experience, if you have any additional strategies and tactics you can let me know in the comments of this guide. In the outline of this guide, I will teach you how to get into the top 10 in the rankings, or even how to get into the top 1. So we will mainly talk about tips, if you want to get information about the event and other things like rewards, please read the Frostfire guide first and then read this guide.


Before the event starts, you should plan your strategy and decide what you are going to do. The event lasts 30 minutes and if you lose even 2 minutes of time, there is a possibility that you will drop in the ranking.

  1. We have 2 ways to earn points, the first way is based on farming and in my opinion it is quite inefficient and a waste of time. In this guide I will show you the second way, which is to climb the ladder by destroying mining patrols.


You have 3 minutes to prepare before the event starts. Use those 3 minutes to find a good spot near the centre. There will be a lot of mining patrols spawning around the centre, which will allow you to rack up points fairly quickly. The further away you are from the centre, the harder it is to get points. So teleport to the centre as soon as the event starts. Once the event has started, use the Mine Patrol Search button to find the nearest patrols and quickly destroy them with all your ranks.

Once you have earned enough points with the Mine Patrol, you will need to unlock your abilities quickly. Unlock your skills as shown below.

Now let me tell you what this talent tree means.

  1. The first skill we unlock gives us 1,500 Oricalcium for every mining patrol we destroy. This is the name of the points you need to rank up in this event.
  2. The second ability we unlocked increases the movement speed of our deployment queue by 25%. This allows us to destroy mining patrols more quickly and earn points more quickly.
  3. The third ability can be triggered once per minute. After unlocking this ability, every 1 minute you will need to occupy a vein using one of your deployment queues and withdraw your troops (no need to collect them, just recall the troops after triggering the ability and continue destroying the mining patrol). This ability will give you 5,000 Oricalcium every minute.
  4. The fourth unlocked ability is useful for collecting Burst Veins, which appear at certain stages of the event. This ability allows us to collect them 15% more efficiently, giving us an advantage over our opponents.
  5. The fifth ability we have unlocked will be useful for capturing the Mining Capital. Activating this ability before attacking the Mining Capital will increase your attack power by 66%.


  1. When a vein is occupied on the map, 4 small cores will appear around the vein. Click on these and a loot button will appear. Click on this button to loot these cores. It does not consume your turn. It gives quite good points.
  1. At certain minutes of the event, a vein explosion will occur (1 minute before the explosion, the game will switch to the announcement.) When the explosion occurs, a large number of orichalcium-giving mines will appear around. Take a break from destroying mine patrols for a while and try to collect as many of these vein explosions as possible with all your deployment lines.
  1. If you’re not strong enough to take the capital, don’t try. Relax, let the other players waste their time trying to take the capital and you can stay ahead of them by continuing to destroy mine patrols.


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