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October 30, 2023
  • get in an active alliance most important for progression
  • don’t use your speedups early, ideally save them for events to get more, or save them for really long timers. Or to get a timer to a point where you’ll be on to collect it and not waste time.
  • the construction queue and extra March are worth it if you can

-research is important

-scout before you attack!!!

-chief gear charms (unlocked at furnace lv25) have 3 separate slots for a reason. Don’t forget to use all.

Kill Beast get a little a mount of EXP
Kill PB (Portal Beast) get u shard from SR Bahiti (PB lv1 – PB lv 3), get SR General shard ( PB lv 4 right now PB Lv5)
Kill Cryptid get 1k Exp

If your state has whales, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to achieve the rank 1 or 2 position in the hall of chief. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be wondering what your next steps should be. As a free-to-play player, acquiring gems is essential for obtaining mythic heroes such as Zinman, Flint, and Mia, as well as generation 1, 2, and 3 heroes from the lucky wheels. To accumulate the necessary amount of gems for 120 spins, you’ll need to follow some Tips for Gem Usage . So, how can you acquire gems? There are several small events, such as Working Overtime , War Preparation , and Trusted Chief, that offer up to 50k gems, and I’ll provide a guide for others events soon when my state had the events. Note; You can ignore Zinman and save gems for flint Gen 2, for more information about gen 2 heroes.

Tips and Trick

  1. Active alliance participation: Joining an active and strong alliance can provide you with many facilities, forts, strongholds, and even castles. You can also benefit from spenders who give out prizes such as chests.
  1. Forget about the Hall of Chief: As a free-to-play player, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to win from the Hall of Chief competition. Save your resources, such as speed ups, chief gear, charm gear, essence stone, and stamina, which can be used to gain gems from events such as Small Event, War Preparation, Trusted Chief, and others.
  1. Use gems on Lucky Wheels: There are currently three generations to choose from: Gen 1 Zinman, Gen 2 Flint, and Gen 3 Mia. As a free-to-play player, it’s recommended to choose Gen 2 Flint, an infantry tank, to get to 4/5 stars first, and then Gen 3 Mia, a lancer also reach 5 stars, it’s either go all in or not. However, keep an eye out for Gen 4, It’s not advisable to invest in Zinman as it only has one PvP skill and is not very valuable.
  1. It’s recommended to take part in various events like Foundry Battle, Bear Hunt, Alliance Mobilization, Alliance Championship, Crazy Joe, Mercenary Phantom, and Sunfire Castle Battle as they offer personal rewards based on your participation. Some events may require teamwork, so it’s important to strategize accordingly and be active to maximize your rewards.
  1. Arena, do it when the arena close to reset.

To increase your chance as F2P, it’s important to have two accounts: one as your main and the other as a farm. But why is this beneficial? Here are some reasons:

  1. Faster progression: By using your farm account during the first Gina event, you can increase your chances of obtaining Gina’s horn and ultimately get her to 5 stars much quicker than other players. Collect as much stamina as you can before the event, and then use your farm account to gather as many horns as possible. Transfer the horns to your main account, and easily rally to get a 5-star Gina.

I want to give you some feedback, the reason is simple why i said skip hall of chief, the main thing about skipping hall of chief is not use all ressource you have but atleast complete the necessary points, and sometimes you by doing necessary or can be more usually you get you top 100

And by not all in, you can see from my other guide, such as Armament Competition Design Plan and other event that i won, which getting 50k gems, by getting gems i can use it for spin lucky wheel, which considered best tier as f2p since it’s hard getting Legendary to 5 star

And it’s extremely hard to get top 1 in Hall of chief, fortunately i did won because there is several factor, and i’m saving atleast 2 month worth of Ressource


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