Tips for Banner Building

November 12, 2023

Banner Building might seem difficult to new unexperienced leaders. I have created this guide to help you. Here are some tips and things you should know about alliance building:

| Things you should know:

  • You can only building on icefields and tundra soil
  • Strongholds and Fortresses do not need to be touched by banners to be claimed/occupied.
  • Alliance farms only need to be occupied by 75% of your banner to produce resources for your alliance. It is 4 blocks of land so 3/4 need to be within the banner.

Example Image:

  • Facilities are required to be touched by a banner on the border in order to be claimed/occupied. Example Image:

Example Image:

  • Alliance farms do not have levels but resource nodes do. If you zoom out of the map and switch to resource mode you can see the different colors of resource node levels. Light Green: Level 1-5 Green: Level 6-7  Dark Green: Level 8


!!! | Tips on building:

  • Build to facilities and alliance resource nodes. Build your HQ in the center of facilities

Example Image:

  • Use markers to mark where you want to build. This will help r4 build while you are away.
  • Make sure you are occupying allaince resource nodes so you have enough resources to keep building your alliance. (To view resource nodes. Zoom out of the map and click resource).
  • I suggest building your HQ next to 3-4 facilities so you can occupy them when the time comes. (Example Image: Tip #1 Image)
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