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October 30, 2023

What to buy, or what is the best value in shop? In, which explanation regarding shop:

1.Nomadic Merchant
2.Mystery Shop
3.Arena Shop
4.VIP Shop
5.Alliance Championship Shop
6.Foundry Shop
7.State of Power Shop
8.Gem Shop


  1. Nomadic Merchant

The best to buy is Advanced Teleport, in late game, you can gather 50m+/days of worth rss, you can buy other rss / speedup too since it’s not bad deal, but in early game, i won’t recommend you buy the speedup since the value is too low for you growth

    1. Mystery Shop

    In this case, everyday, you complete daily mission you will get 80 Mystery Badge, and the best to buy is Widget / Mythic General Shards, well i recommend to buy widget and skip the shards and other thing.

    1. Arena Shop

    In Arena Shop, you gonna use Arena Token that you get from Arena, the best to buy is “Custom Mythic Hero Gear Chest” which you can choose any Mythic Hero Gear, and you can only get it from Arena Shop for f2p, if you spender you can buy packs

    1. VIP Shop

    In VIP Shop, you can buy Stamina Can or Advanced Teleport if you need it, other than that i don’t recommend it

  1. Alliance Championship Shop

In Alliance Championship Shop, you can choose to buy Polishing Solution or Hardened Alloy, but i’m only buy Polishing Solution since it’s hard to get, and you can only get it from Crazy Joe Event or Alliance Championship Shop, in which you get it from Alliance Championship Event, meanwhile you can get Hardened Alloy, by hunting beast, Rally Polar Bear, or joining Rally, so it’s up to you to decide.

  1. Foundry Shop

In Foundry Shop, is the best way to get Design Plan, which you can only get it from Foundry Shop and completing mission, which the mission coming from 2 days event,

Inconnu and other event, in which rarely happen, you can get Arsenal Token, by participating foundry or not which will give you different amount Arsenal Token
  1. State of Power Shop

Pretty much straightforward like other event, you can get Sunfire Token, by completing the max mission rewards and participating at svs battle phase, in this case, Design Plan, Charm Design, Charm Guide, Lastly Fire Crystal

  1. Gem Shop

Well, i don’t recommend to you use your gems in this one, since gem value best is at Lucky Wheels Event, so try not spending it at Gem Shop, but you buy Server Megaphone, since the other thing mostly you can buy at VIP Shop

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