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October 26, 2023

In most battle especially a battle between whales we sometimes feel strange about the outcome of the battle. We feel we should win this because we got higher chief gear, newest heroes, numbers of troops, etc etc etc. So what things that really determined the outcome of battle? is it stats? heroes? troops numbers? Which one is the most important? Lets start talk about that in this post.

1.Troops lvl difference and Stats

Troops is essential on battle, troops is the “avatar” of the stats. Stats without good troops is just plain stats. Troops from T1 till T11 carrying a base stats points as u can see it in barracks.

So as u can see above those stats are the troops base point that will multiply by stats percentage. For example, if a legions got mm with 100% stats on leth while enemy legions got 50% stats on health their base points is gonna have a wide gap, 22,5 points infa health vs 30 points leth damage from mm only for each troops in battle. Thats why T9 vs T10 will be a hard fight for T9 since their base stats got difference 1 points. But it isnt impossible for T9 to win if it got bigger stats boost, here the example

you see from above picture, big stats gap combined with numbers of troops could make a full t9 win over a full fc 1. But still, even if win he still losses a good number of troops since T9 and FC 1 got 2 point base different, stats saved him from losing but dont saved him from hurting. So since stats are gonna determined your last base points of ur troop, so which stats we should really focus to? Before we go there lets have the same frequency about the avatar of stats, the Legions.

2.Troops unit

As we know we got 3 units in WoS, Indantry, Lancers, Marksman. What exactly they do in battle?

– Infantry is the one that become your tank, they are the first who gonna absorb all damage thrown by enemy troops at battle. So by that logic we want to have a high def stats and health infantry. im not saying that you shouldnt upgrade their attack and leth, its also important but it wont serve you good if you focus your infantry on having high attack and leth stats.

– Marksman is the one who gonna try to destroy the infantry, so you want them to have high Attack and Leth stats since you want them to defeat enemy infantry fast to be able to reach enemy Lancers and Marksman. But even tho they are positioned in rear, they got hit by lancers skills.

that skills also explain why in most battle reports Lancers kills will most likely exceed Marksman kills and the one who got hurt is Infantry and Marksman, its always gonna be like that. By that condition, beside Leth and Attack stats you also want to have high Health Marksman so they can perform in battle longer.
– Lancers got balance stats, they are jack of all trades and possibly could become the strongest unit when combine with certain hero. But they main job imo is to chip away marksman numbers rather to fight infantry since their deal damage 10% less to infantry. Because they are the safest unit -Lancers not gonna get hurt if your Infantry are still alive- so imho you can focus to increasing their Attacks and Lethal stats since beginning till endgame.


Stats are determined by Heroes tier, Chief gears and Charms, Research, Heroes Gears, Heroes Widgets, Boost from Gems buffs, teritorry bonus and facilities bonus.
From our description about troops unit earlier, we already got the idea which stats that should be focused according to each units. Each one of it is corresponding with each others and most of WoS players got assumption like this “attack stats vs defense stats” ” lethality stats vs health stats”. So which one is the one to determined output of battle? All of them. We dont want to belittle attack stats just because theres a saying “Lethality is king of stats”, in my experienced its all depend on situation you face on battle. Let me use an example to explain this.

L = left / R = rigth
In battle report above we can see that “L” have high stats attack, and thats because he use Zinman as his Marksman. 2nd skills of Heroes Widgets is providing special buffs, and Zinman special buff is raising all troops attack 15% if he on defense position, if “L” using the same formation when he attacking “R” here most likely he will lose since the gap in stats is too big. Let me put another reports where “L” made a single change that makes he lose at defense.

In this 2nd report where “L” lose, we can see that his attacks stats are dropped. But look at his troops Lethality, his marksman gained 100%+ on leth compare to the 1st report. And thats exactly because “L” using Alonso on this report. So we can see that in this situation Lethality is not the best stats for “L”, attacks do more favour to him. Thats why there are no such as “King of stats”, its all depend on situation you face on battlefield

“L” could win againt “R” by significantly raised his attack with Zinman’s widget because “R” got weak infantry defense, and on 1st report “L” Marksman attack are scored above “R” Infantry defense (remember the power order: Marksman > Infantry > Lancers > Marksman)

But on 2nd report, “L” marksman with 600%+ leth stats is having hard time penetrate “R” 800%+ Infantry health, “R” troops manage to beat all “L” Infantry, and just like in Arena if your front line troops run out most likely you will lose. This 2 reports shows us that the final boost of stats is about hero widgets because it could boost certain stats that you needed. Even tho people could argue that “L” win only because numbers but we see in his 2nd reports i posted that if he change his Zinman to Alonso his numbers couldnt thrive againts “RR”.
From what i wrote above we can make conclusion:

1.Stats is king of rally IF the troops that equipped it has a good tier. And between each of stats there are no such thing as “Leth is the king of stats” each stats plays its own role and important depend on who you fight. And you want to match your stats growth based on the troops speciality.

2.Heroes with certain widgets skills could help boost stats that you need to win a battle. So players especially p2w to mid spender must know why they want to have certain heroes, in which area that heroes boost your power, which one the best for attack (rallying) and defense (garissoning).

3.Troop composition is important, u always want to at least match the numbers of enemies infantry if u dont have massive stats gap between your infa health and enemy lancers and mm leth. And your stats wont be do good if your rally contain weak troops inside it.

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