Q&A – Japan 2024 Offline Meeting

April 12, 2024
 “Whiteout Survival” celebrated the 1st anniversary in Tokyo on Mar 16, 2024, with a lively player party, showcasing love and support! Let’s see what we have discussed!
: What are the future development direction and plans? “
: Currently, the team is working hard to provide chiefs with more new and exciting gameplay experiences. The confirmed content includes:

  1. Opening of the island discovered by the expedition team, where you can freely build your own new base.
  2. New alliance competition where alliance members can accumulate points through daily activities to showcase the strength of the alliance.
  3. Merge of inactive servers to revitalize states and alliances.”

: Are there any plans for future additions such as new heroes, new hero design skins, castle skins, and heroes?

: We are constantly considering the introduction of new content, including new heroes and skin designs.
: Are there any collaborative events planned for the future?
: There are plans in place, but we are still in the process of exploring the direction for collaborations. If players have any favorite anime or manga, please let us know.
: Are there any plans to enhance player interaction and communication between servers in the future?
: Content and interactions between servers are envisioned as important elements for the future. State Transfer that has already begun and future State merge are also being developed based on the envisioned inter-server content.
: Please provide specific details regarding the timing and content of State Transfer and State Merge.
: There are no set start times or periods for State Transfer and State Merge. We dynamically adjust based on the activity levels of each server and event schedules.
Looking forward to more great encounters, growing together! We are thankful for all the trust and support from all of you Chiefs in Whiteout Survival!
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