April 14, 2024

Well guys today we gonna have this guide that maybe is going to be impossible for some of you, can be the trigger to do some strike, you ever want to know what is the view youre president of state? This guide going to show you the little secrets of this position!!! Let’s go ahead!!!! For the start you guys know theres 2 conditions to be president of state.

  • Your alliance stay 3 hours in castle and win the right to rule
  • Your alliance leader/you as leader choose you as President

First change going to be in your profile, having the Lion icon in the top of your avatar

Second change going to be having a new button in your screen at the bottom right, also this same button going to appear in the castle

This is the president manager button, in both cases this button going to lead you the the next screen shot

This is the main page of your Throne where you can see the hero you selected before… chilling 

So let’s see what we have here.
1- One time use. You can rename your state to any name you want.

2- One time use. You can change your state flag/banner to any country flag, WOS have in the system as language


3- Board (CD 6H) every 6h you can post any announcement in this board, leading to every player in state get this message in his/her inbox.


4- Your info as President, this icons have little surprises for you. This are only for your personal use and information

First button will show your information relating to your buffs as president. Also you can change for any Minister position. Depends in what you want to use

Second button going to have this small gift for you as president. Dont worry it’s totally free

Third button going to give you 2 extra gifts for 14 days you are able to hold this 2 skins


  • Now we have the duties you have whit your server
Since this is a President guide I going go show you, only what you need to know about this. You already know you can set appointments and buffs and debuffs.

In this case when you click this as president. You have the option to set a single person as Minister, pressing New Reservation. since last updates to do a easy job; you can select Approve all, in this case, means every player can ask for the desire position and if is crowded, enter in the waiting list. Easy 

Since you are nice persona kind and honorable you have access to next button. Grant, this button allows you to send gifts to some single players, this rewards are divided in 3 kinds of rewards

1- The biggest, this is a gift for a general, taking to the side the resources, im just living the screenshot from the best items

2- Medium rewards, you can send this rewards only 5 times. Same as The biggest I’m only sharing the good items

3- 30 rewards for people you like from the server. Take a loot and enjoy

Now were heading to the last button, your main duty as president. This skills benefit all the server whitout see alliances tag. This skills are divided in 2 kinds of buffs

Server Event Skills

This skills are activated to help in events such speed training, building, healing (for battle days)

The first skill allow you as president to have some gems but … 1.2k

And we have the next set that going to help you as president, to control until certain point players in your server

And you will see this skills are based in coins purchase, what are this coins you will say?

Yes all players in server contribute doing your daily missions. This make the server skills can be useful. Please collaborate so your president can do a good job. As you can see skills are expensive and have a big cooldown
  • So this guide come to the end so we have exposed what are the little secrets of being president. You can know what you can get of you handle to be the leader of enough friendly to be named as president in rotation for your server

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