Pet Gen 1 : Unlock after 55 Day and Furnace 18.
- Cave Hyena
- Artic Wolf
- Musk Ox
Pet Gen 2 : Unlock after 78 Day.
- Giant Tapir (Need Musk Ox LV.15)
- Titan Roc (Need Giant Tapir LV.15)
Pet Gen 3 : Unlock after 100/120 Day.
- Giant Elk (Need Titan Roc LV.15)
- Snow Leopard (Need Giant Elk LV.15)
Pet Gen 4 : Unlock after 200 Day.
- Cave Lion (Need Snow Leopard LV.15)
1. This is a lovely Beast Cage where the beasts captured from the Wilderness are kept. (Only one of each type of beast can be captured.) They will play and grow with you.
2. As you gain more Taming XP and your city develops, the variety of beasts that can be captured will become more diverse.
3. After taming the captured beasts, they will become your pets and loyal companions. The stronger a beast, the harder it is to tame it.
4. You can upgrade your tamed pets, help them to advance, and enhance their battle skilss or stats through refinement.
5. When a pet reaches Lv. 10 completes advancement, it will unlock a special Talent Skill. Use it wisely to boost you in battles on the tundra.
6. Tames pet can be dispatched to the Wilderness for treasure hunts. After each treasures hunt, a pet will bring back a special Personal Treasure and Ally Treasure that can be shared.


Each Pets has its own skill, to know the skill of an Pet you can see it by being on the pet, and by clicking on the photo above stats and to the left of upgrade. There is also another way to see and activate all the skills of all Pets, simply click on the footprint icon when you are in your city.


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