October 2023 Update

October 26, 2023

The update maintenance is scheduled for October 25 from 02:00-04:30 AM (UTC+0). During this time, you won’t be able to enter the game, so please prepare in advance. The patch notes of the upcoming version are as follows:

[New Content]
1. New Event: Trick or Treat – Participate in the Halloween event for tons of rewards, including exclusive skins and action emotes!
2. New Feature: Pets – Find your unique companion and venture across the Tundra together!
3. New Feature: Alliance Voting

[Optimizations & Adjustments]
1. Optimized the battle report layout to now display temporary buffs, including item buffs, position buffs, territory buffs, etc.
2. Added vibration toggle, you can now turn off the in-game vibrations.
3. Optimized state positions to now display the duration in office.
4. Optimized the president feature by extending the appointment time post-Castle Battle to 10 hours.
5. Adjusted Frostfire Mine time slots by increasing the available time slots to 7.
6. Increased friend limit to 200.
7. Optimized Territory Teleporter description.
8. Increased the maximum Chief Charm level to 11.
9. Added language support for IDFA authorization for iOS users.

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