Lineup Guide For Exploration

October 27, 2023

GENERAL THOUGHTS Looking for Exploration battle tips? Here are some lineup and tactic recommendations to try. Remember to experiment and adapt as needed, and keep in mind that hero levels and star tiers are crucial for success. If you’re struggling, sometimes leveling up your heroes is the only way.

THE GUIDE Generally, tanks should be placed in the front, and lancers and marksmen in the back row. A mix of all classes is recommended, as each has a damage bonus against another class: Infantry deals extra damage to Lancers, Lancers to Marksmen, and Marksmen to Infantry.

Early Game

Frontline: Sergey Smith

Backline: Molly Bahiti Charlie

Why: This lineup is great for the early game as you focus on leveling up Bahiti, Sergey, and Molly. Using general shards on those three is recommended. Substitute Smith with Eugene or Charlie with Cloris if the respective hero has more power. If you have a strong Jessie or Gina, consider using the F2P lineup. If you have bought one or more SSR heroes, consider the P2W lineup.


F2P Recommendation / Mid-Late Game

Frontline: Sergey Jessie

Backline: Molly Bahiti Gina

Why: At higher star levels, Jessie outperforms the blue rarity tanks easily because of her “Defense Upgrade” skill (granted, of course, you level it up). Similarly, Gina performs noticeably better at higher star levels compared to Cloris or Charlie. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend Patrick but feel free to experiment. This lineup also works well in the arena for F2P players.


P2W Recommendation

Frontline: Jeronimo Natalia

Backline: Molly Bahiti Zinman

Why: I mean, yeah, because they are stronger, that’s why. If you only want to invest in one SSR hero, choose Natalia and substitute Jeronimo with Sergey and Zinman with Bahiti.


P2W Gen 2:

Frontline: Flint Natalia

Backline: Molly Alonso Philly

Why: This is based on the recommendations of others and time spent looking at the very top of my server’s arena leaderboard. Especially Philly appears to be god-tier in exploration and arena battles.

Note that Gen 2 stats are higher at the max tier compared to Gen 1, which is why you use all of them.


P2W Gen 3:

Frontline: Flint Logan

Backline: Mia (Philly or Alonso) Greg


Thanks for reading! As already stated in the beginning, make sure to experiment, switch out certain heroes, try out completely different lineups. This will get you much further than just sticking to my recommendations.


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