Lineup Guide For Expedition

October 27, 2023

Welcome to the lineup guide for Expeditions! Let’s get started by stating the obvious: use heroes that provide the best stats. The game will automatically select the three strongest heroes for you, one of each type. This is usually the best lineup for you. When we talk about “stats”, we’re referring to the attack, defense, lethality, and health % bonus that every hero gives to the rally. Here are our recommendations for heroes to focus on:

F2P: Molly Sergey Bahiti Why: While Molly is hard to max out, she has better stats and skills than the next best option, Jessie. Sergey has no competition, as he is the only SR tank. Bahiti, at max star level, has 30% better stats across the board compared to Gina. Plus, his skills are leagues ahead in terms of PvP or PvE impact. Gina can only be used for Beast or Polar Terror attacks, and Patrick is never useful. (Sorry, Patrick!)

P2W:  Molly (Natalia < Jeronimo) Zinman

P2W Gen 2:  Molly Flint Alonso

P2W Gen 3:  Mia Logan Greg

Why: SSR heroes have higher stat bonuses than SR heroes, and Gen 2 heroes have 40% higher stats compared to Gen 1 heroes. Always use the heroes with the best stats. Feel free to substitute Natalia with Jeronimo. Philly is the exception because his skills appear to be unreliable in PvP. Even though Molly offers lower stats, we see a lot of top players preferring her.

In summary, focus on the heroes with the best stats for your Expedition lineup. For F2P players, try to level up and improve Molly, Sergey, and Bahiti. For P2W players, that’s Molly, Natalia, and Zinman. Good luck on your Expedition journey!

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