January Developer Feedback

January 27, 2024

January Developer Feedback

Developers’ feedback time! In this section, we have answered the most concerned questions from our community. Check out if there is any good news that interests you!

Q: Allow us to see detailed information of troops in a rally/garrison window, like how many of each infantry/lancer/marksman total are present.
A: That’s a sweet suggestion! It would help chiefs better deploy troops during an intense battle. The display of troop proportion will be added to the game in the late January update.

Q: Shields for extended periods, so that if you are on vacation, or you’re sick, you are protected.
A: Thank you for your suggestion. We’ve got your back. To ensure our chiefs have the best gaming experience while living their life to the fullest, our development team will introduce a 3-day shield in the late January update.

Q: Replays for when you are attacked in the arena.
A: Thank you for your suggestion. The arena replay feature will be added to the game in the late February update.

Q: Crazy Joe event could have a pre-registration time at 00 minutes eg UTC 1300 1400 etc… currently it only allows pre-registration between 05 and 55 minutes.
A: Thanks for your feedback! Starting Crazy Joe at 0:00 might lead to reward calculation issues. But fear not! Our devs will make XX00 available for time slots other than midnight in the late February update.

Q: Give the ability to open the previous or next mail item from mail that is opened. Currently, we have to go back to the inbox to open another mail item.
A: This suggestion is brilliant! The development team will optimize the mail view UI in the late February update, ensuring that our chiefs have a smoother gaming experience.

Q: A button that makes you convert crystal shards into crystals
A: We heard you! However, implementing this will require some time. We genuinely appreciate your patience.

Q: ‘Transfer Opens’ on a Friday is a big no no. Either give better system for Fortress Battle or don’t do it on Friday
A: Thanks for your feedback! We totally understand the inconvenience caused by the restriction on leaving alliances during the ‘Transfer Opens’ Phase. The devs will optimize the mechanics for the fortress battle in the late February update.

Q: The game needs a quick update for State Transfer Phase 3. If players can transfer freely without the president’s permission, there will be a jungle.
A: Thanks for your feedback, we understand your concerns. To address this, we will increase the ratio of ordinary Invite in the second phase, ensuring the best possible gaming experience for everyone. Players who are eager to migrate can communicate with the president of the target state in advance to secure their spot.

Q: Please increase the power cap and the limits on slots for State Transfer Event.
A: This is the first State Transfer Event, the development team will need some time to track data from all the States before making any adjustments. Thanks for your patient support, chiefs! Rest assured, we’re constantly keeping an eye on your feedback.

Q: When is the next State transfer?
A: The next State Transfer event is scheduled for a mid-February release. For more details, please stay tuned to our social media channels.

Q: Please create a PVP mode where alliances from different states can engage in battles for buildings.
A: The development team is currently crafting a brand new PVP event, slated for release in April. Stay tuned!

Thank you for submitting your feedback! We look forward to hearing more from our loyal players!
Disclaimer: The developer feedback and solutions provided here are not final and may be subject to change

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