How to calculate Stat Bonuses by Buff item & Exclusive skill

October 27, 2023
Are you interested in how your stat bonus changes while looking at combat reports? If so, reading the article below can give you more interest in your growth. Most stat bonuses are sum operations. For example, research, chief gear, hero gear, etc In this article, I would like to inform you that there are two exceptions to the sum operation. In conclusion, Exclusive skill and Buff item are not sum operations, but sum operations + multiplication operations. In other words, a 20% attack buff item increases your stat bonus by +20% & *20%. I’m trying to prove what I explained through the screenshot below. I hope you will be more interested in games and wars as you read them.

1.Exclusive skill

2.Buff item

          3.Exclusive skill & Buff item

 Debuff item

  • If the enemy used the debuff item, you will calculate the two first before applying the effect of your buff item.
  • For example, if you use a 20% buff item and the enemy uses a 10% debuff item, only the effect (20%-10%) is applied as a multiplication operation and a sum operation.
  • Likewise, if the enemy and you both used 20% buff item & 20% debuff item, your stat bonus remains the same.
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