How Does Resource Protection Work?

October 30, 2023

Resource Protection Guidelines

You’ve been attacked. -10m resources and you came here to see how to protection of your resources works. Well this guide is here to help you and explain it to

 Types Of Protection:

 Secured Resources: Can’t be plundered by enemies. Only Resources that came from:

-Resources Produced by buildings

-Offline Income These can never be plundered so lets take them out of the equation

Non-Secured Resources: These are resources you get anywhere but specifically:

  • Resource items from the backpack
  • Gathering on the map
  • Plundering Bases

These can be plundered by any time unless they don’t go over your storehouse protection capacity (Differs between storehouse levels) 

Storehouse Secured Resources [Protected Resources]: These are the Non-Secured Resources that are protected by the storehouse however it has a capacity and resources that do not enter that storehouse capacity can be plundered

How it works:

Example 1:

Storehouse Level 15 (Capacity 3.2M)
Protects Non-Secured Resources:
Meat: 3.2M (Capacity)
Wood: 3.2M (Capacity)
Coal: 640k (Capacity / 5)
Iron: 160k (Capacity / 20)

Samurai Has
3.5M Wood. He was attacked and lost 200k.
This means he has 3.3M wood left.

3.2M are protected by the storehouse
the other 100k are secured resources (produced from buildings)

Example 2:

Samurai Has 180K Iron. He was attacked and lost 10k.

This means he has 170k resources left.

160K are protected by the storehouse

the other 10k are secured resources (produced from buildings)

The number of secure resources fluctuates and has NOTHING to do with your furnace level or storehouse level. It’s only related to how many resources you have that are produced by city buildings.

All the resources produced by city buildings are secured


How many resources can be plundered?
Well, take meat in this picture for example:
673.2k – 76.1k – [30k+205k] = 362.1k
So if someone attacks you, they can only take 362.1k meat in total.
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