Heroes Skills Guide

October 30, 2023

Here is a good way of skill tree I have thought of based on my days here. Blue Heroes will be used mostly for their Expedition skills, so you shall upgrade always the 2nd skill ( Gathering Speed ) BLUE HEROES

  1. Smith 2nd skill for Iron Gathering ( Most important )
  2. Eugene 2nd skill for Wood Gathering ( 2nd important / Most important in Alliance Mobilization event )
  3. Cloris 2nd skill for Meat Gathering ( 4th important, Most important in Alliance Mobilization event )
  4. Charlie 2nd skill for Coal Gathering ( 3rd important, 2nd important in Alliance Mobilization event )

After finishing these 4 skills, I’d go:

  1. Smith 1st skill for Iron Output
  2. Eugene 1st skill for Wood Output
  3. Charlie 1st skill for Coal Output
  4. Cloris 1st skill for Meat Output

In the end the battle-skills (Exploration) should go like that:

  1. Charlie 2nd skill then Charlie 1st skill
  2. Smith 2nd skill then Smith 1st skill
  3. Cloris 1st skill then Cloris 2nd skill
  4. Eugene 1st skill then Eugene 2nd skill

For Purple is a bit complex depending on your purpose and what you will change in late game. Here is how I do: PURPLE HEROES Expedition Skills

  1. Gina 1st skill ( MUST TO MAX )
  2. Sergey 2nd skill ( defensive )
  3. Sergey 1st skill ( defensive )
  4. Jessie 1st skill ( offensive )
  5. Jessie 2nd skill ( defensive ) — only because it’s better to have a maxed hero than having 2 different heroes just 1 skill maxed
  6. Gina 2nd skill
  7. Bahiti/Patrick won’t make MAIN Team. ( Patrick has a slightly chance )

Exploration Skills

  1. Gina 1st skill ( MUST TO MAX, main dealer )
  2. Sergey 2nd skill ( MUT TO MAX, main defensive skill )
  3. Sergey 3rd skill ( Defensive > Offensive )
  4. Gina 2nd skill ( Attack speed on dealer )
  5. Sergey 1st skill ( Damage on your tank )
  6. Gina 3rd skill ( maxing Gina )
  7. Jessie 1st skill ( decimating enemy front-line )
  8. Jessie 3rd skill
  9. Jessie 2nd skill
  10. Bahiti/Patrick won’t make MAIN Team. ( Patrick has a slightly chance )

As for gold heroes, I own just Molly & Zinman, and Molly is way more stronger than him.
Expedition Skills
1. Molly 3rd skill ( grant permanent bonus for team )
2. Molly 1st skill ( stun chance > damage )
3. Molly 2nd skill
4. Zinman 1st skill ( Reducing time of constructing is best )
5. Zinman 3rd skill ( For PvP purpose )
6. Zinman 2nd skill ( it is kinda uselss reducing cost building )

Exploration Skills
1. Molly 1st skill ( obviously you need her skill to do damage )
2. Molly 2nd skill ( you want higher damage constantly )
3. Molly 3rd skill ( gaining attack speed on lower hp is not worth than 2nd skill with permanent damage )
4. Zinman 1st skill ( need damage for his skill )
5. Zinman 3rd skill ( You need attack speed since he’s in backrow )
6. Zinman 2nd skill ( defense boost is OP, but since he’s backline it doesn’t help that much )
Probably you can swap 4 & 6 on Zinman ( Exploration Skills ) if you put him in frontline, but I do not have any experience yet and I do not recommend now.

WhyBnaditWhy have a colour-based overview and analysis on the various tabs in here:
Although the skills are listed out so you can make your own choices

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