Hero Gear


Gear Enhancement
Enhancing Hero Gear increases the buffs, both Hero and Command, for that specific piece of Gear. To Enhance Hero Gear, you can use Enhancement XP Components, other Hero Gear, or a combination of both.

Each quality(colour) of Gear provides a specific number of Enhancement points. Grey Gear provides 10 points. Green provides 30 points. Blue provides 60 points. Purple provides 150 points.


Mastery Forgingย ย 
Mastery Forging is another form of Enhancement exclusive to Gold quality Gear only. To access this Enhancement, you must have your Furnace upgraded to level 20 along with the piece of Gold Gear at Enhancement level 20.

Mastery Forging provides an x% buff to both the Gear Strength along with all other buffs provided by that piece of Gear.

Once both requirements are met, tapping on the piece of Gold Gear to Enhance it presents you with the Mastery Forging button along with the normal Enhancement button.

Tapping the Mastery Forging button opens the screen where you can see the items needed to increase the Mastery Forging level of the Gear. Essence Stones are used for these upgrades.

Once you have completed the process, you will see the Mastery Forging level of the Gear displayed on the Gear in yellow text. You will also see the current buffs provided by the

Exclusive Gear
Gold quality Heroes have an extra Gear slot available to them to equip a piece of Hero Gear that is specific to that Hero only.

As you can see, the exclusive Gear provides a huge buff to your Hero’s power along with buffs to Hero Attack, Defense, and Health. It also provides Command buffs for both Troop Health and Lethality. In addition, this Gear gives your Hero two extra Exclusive Skills at their disposal.

To Enhance the Exclusive Gear, you will need Widgets specific to that piece of Gear. The only way to obtain the Widgets needed to enhance Exclusive Gear is by buying packs or via the Mystery Shop.


WhyBanditWhy’s Spreadsheet Including

– Enhancement Point cost of each level of gear
– Enhancement points gained through sacrificing gear to upgrade another
– Mastery level bonuses
– Stats/power for every item and tier (Level 0 – 80 done so far)
– Hero exclusive gear stats


Newbie Hero Gear Guide:

Text Guide Written by Grendel
Mastery Forging Chart Made by BabyBliss
Hero Gear XP Chart Made by King[S17]

Mastery Forging

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