Guide for Training or Promotion Troops?

October 30, 2023

If you are wondering whether you should upgrade your troops or not, the general recommendation is to upgrade all of your troops to the highest tier possible. However, there are several factors you need to consider before making your decision:

1. Troop capacity: Make sure you have enough capacity to accommodate the number of troops you plan to upgrade.
2. Rally leader bonus stats: Check the bonus stats of your rally leader and determine if they are more effective with certain troop types. This could affect which troops you choose to upgrade.
3. Infirmary/Hospital: Ensure that your Infirmary/Hospital has enough capacity to handle the number of troops you plan to upgrade.
4. Events: If there is an ongoing event such as Hunting Bear, Fortress, Stronghold, or Sunfire Castle, consider how upgrading your troops will affect your participation in the event.

5. New Tier Unlocked: When a new tier is unlocked, decide whether to train or promote your troops based on the number of troops gained and other factors such as Infirmary capacity and ongoing events.

Considering these factors can help you make an informed decision about whether to upgrade your troops or not.


1 Troops Capacity

To maximize the effectiveness of your troops in battle, it is advisable to have the highest
tier troops possible and to increase your troop capacity. This is because when troops join
a hero leader or rally leader, their numbers are multiplied by a certain percentage bonus,
which means that having a larger troop capacity will result in a greater number of troops
being multiplied by the percentage bonus. Therefore, having the highest tier troops and
increasing your troop capacity can give you an advantage in battle when fighting
under the leadership of a hero or rally leader.

2 Rally Leader Bonus Stats

It is recommended to have the highest tier troops possible in your army as every troop that joins a hero leader or rally leader will be multiplied by a certain percentage bonus. This means that having higher tier troops will result in a larger number of troops being multiplied by the percentage bonus, making them more effective in battle. Therefore, it is important to have the highest tier troops not only to help your rally leader but also for your own benefit as the percentage bonus applies to all troops in your army.

3 Infirmary / Hospital

It is important to avoid filling up your Infirmary or Hospital capacity with low tier troops as this can lead to higher tier troops being unable to receive medical attention and ultimately dying. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to promote your troops to higher tiers when you believe that there is not enough capacity in your Infirmary to accommodate all of your troops. By promoting your troops, you can reduce the number of low tier troops and ensure that your higher tier troops have access to medical care in case of injuries.

4 Event

If an event has already begun, it is advisable to focus on training your troops instead of promoting them. This is because promoted troops may not be available for battle as they are still in the process of being promoted. Therefore, to ensure that you have a sufficient number of troops for the event, it is best to train them in advance. This strategy applies to events such as Hunting Bear, Fortress, Stronghold, and Sunfire Castle.

5 New Tier Unlocked

En général, il est plus avantageux de promouvoir des troupes du rang x au rang x + 1 car cela se traduit par plus de troupes pour le niveau supérieur par rapport au niveau d’entraînement x + 1. Cependant, si le nombre de troupes gagnées grâce à la promotion est inférieur au nombre de troupes acquises grâce à la formation. , alors la formation peut être la meilleure option pour augmenter la taille de votre armée. Il est important de prendre en compte d’autres facteurs tels que la capacité de votre infirmerie et les événements actuels avant de décider de former ou de promouvoir des troupes.


You can see the current maximum number of troops you can deploy at a time from your chiefs profile. Heroes affect the number as well.
WhyBanditWhy have been working on a calculator for assessing the data-driven side of this question (basing purely on resource and time costs). All of King’s points above are entirely valid and motive should be taken into account for the decision you’re making. Right now assessing the base training time is something I’m still working on, but as the resource stats are static, those have been added:
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