Guide for Arena

October 30, 2023

1 Basics

  • Chiefs get points by winning challenges but don’t lose points if a challenge fails.
  • Chiefs will not gain points from a defensive victory but lose points after a defensive loss.
  • Chiefs will get more points if they beat opponents that have the equal or more arena points.
  • Rewards are calculated and sent out at 00:00 server time.
  • Rewards are sent out daily and weekly based on your ranking.
  • Chiefs get five free challenge attempts and can buy an additional five attempts with gems.

 2 Heroes

  • Different Heroes counter each other based on their class.
  • Infantry class does an extra 10% damage to Lancers.
  • Lancer class does an extra 10% damage to Marksmen.
  • Marksman class does an extra 10% damage to Infantry.
  • Only Hero exploration skills are active in arena.

3 Tactics

  • Battle order and troop type matter massively and can be used to counter the enemy. (Anecdotal and personal evidence: I have lost to someone with the same heroes I had; with 1 M power below me; just because of lineups and battle order. Play around with lineups and have fun; it really does matter more than some of you might think)
  • Try to battle close to 00:00 server time, as defensive losses are less likely.
  • Infantry should generally be in the front, but there are scenarios where the opposite could be just as good.
  • Try to battle opponents with more or equal arena points & make sure to check out the enemy’s heroes before battle.

4 Lineups

  • F2P: Sergey, Jessie, Bahiti, Molly, Gina
  • P2W: Jeronimo, Natalia, Molly, Bahiti, Zinman
  • P2W Gen 2: Flint, Natalia, Molly, Alonso, Philly
  • Check out Lineup Guide For Exploration for more info on this

5 Arena Shop

  • Saving up for the mythic hero gear chest should be your absolute priority!
  • Epic hero gear chest and General shards are the next best option.
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