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November 23, 2023
Abbreviations word Interpretation
HoC Hall of Chiefs Event
KoI King of Icefield Event
NAP Non-aggression Pact A pact between two or more states that includes a promise by the alliances not to engage in fights against each other. [Example: NAP10]
gen(x) Generation Each hero belongs to a specific generation.
KE Kill event It’s a common name for Brothers in Arms where you get points for attacking other players.
DM Direct Message Private Message/ Direct message
DC mod Discord Moderator Discord moderators are like other players who have good knowledge of the game and help others to their best while also keeping a healthy environment on the server.
RSS Resources
SvS State vs State It’s a common name for State of Power event.
BT Bear Trap Event
CJ Crazy Joe Event
PT Polar Terror
FC Fire Crystal
Rally Ralliement
WC World Chat
AM Alliance Mobilization Event
AC Alliance Championship Event
SA without ally Player don’t have alliance
CC Commander Center Building
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