First State Merge

July 1, 2024

The first State Merger event will take place in States 1-19 on July 9th, let’s check out the list of states involved!🤗

 S4, S8 = S4
 S2, S5, S9 = S5
 S1, S6 = S6
 S3, S7 = S7
 S10, S13, S16 = S16
 S11, S14 = S14
 S15, S18 = S18
 S12, S17, S19 = S19

*We will be sending out some Transfer Passes for Chiefs in the newly merged States, providing an option to transfer to other favorable States during the July 21st State Transfer event. For more event details, please refer to the actual in-game rules.

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