Enlistment Office

November 12, 2023

What is Enlistment Office?

First of, we need to know about infirmary, infirmary taking the injured to the infirmary which have max capacity, and if excessive injured more than the max capacity of infirmary it will send to Enlistment Office Enlistment Office, is only taking 70% of troops to be saved from the “Losses” or “Death” Example, I lost 100k Troops, then i can only get 70k Troops back with the maximum capacity of Enlistment Office too. if excessive troops in Enlistment Office, then it’ll send to the grave

There is 3 bullet points
Current Loyalty Recovery Rate :
Base Loyalty Recovery Rate :
14500(High lvl furnace = faster recovery) /Hours

Enlistment Office Capacity:
your troops /Max capacity

Factor affecting the rate : The lower the Loyalty is, the faster it accumulate. The fewer the serverly injured in the infirmary, the faster it accumulates. The more reserves n the Enlistment Office, the faster it accumulates. Please note, the Loyalty will stop increasing after reaching the limit. You can obtain Loyalty by collecting rewards from daily mission or gathering if the reserve in the Enlistment Office is not empty.


      Normal Situation

1.1 Attack: Lost -> Pure Death, No chance to revive

1.2 Defend: Lost -> Enlistment Office, 70% of lost can be revive (1K Lost -> 700 Revived)

SVS, Field Triage

2.1 Attack: Lost -> Revived up to 90%, (1K Lost -> 900 Revived)

2.2 Defend:Lost -> Go to Enlistment Office, 70% of lost can be revive (1K Lost -> 700 Revived),  30% -> Field Triage, with x troops, can be revived up to 90%, (300 Lost -> 270 Revived)


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