Editors Recruitment Is Officially Open!

September 27, 2023

Greetings, Chiefs!

We are initiating a new round of editor recruitment for the Whiteout Survival Wiki. If you love Whiteout Survival and want to contribute your knowledge to help others, this is your chance!

Recruitment Categories:
Editor: Contribute by writing and filling in content for Whiteout Survival’s WiKi entries, including hero data analysis, event gameplay, and more.

Position Requirements:
1. Show dedication and passion for Whiteout Survival, being well-versed in its in-game content.
2. Comfortable communication in English and fluent in one of the following languages: Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Japanese, Turkish, or Italian.
3. Allocate a regular portion of your personal time each week to contribute to the Whiteout Survival Wiki. Have reliable contact information and respond to messages promptly.

4. Proficient in writing Whiteout Survival guides or analysis, demonstrating a deep understanding of the game world, event gameplay, and heroes.
5. Skilled at gathering game information and editing images.
6. Ability to design text and layout formats effectively. Prior experience publishing high-quality guides on Discord is advantageous.

1. In-game rewards specific to the WiKi.
2. Exclusive writer or moderator certification on Discord.
3. Recognition as a contributor to the Wiki, providing increased community exposure opportunities.

Please note that for this recruitment round, we are particularly interested in Chiefs with experience in writing guides or possessing extensive knowledge of in-game events.

Recruiting Period:
The recruitment process is ongoing, and Chiefs are welcome to apply at any time.

How to Apply:

To apply for a position, please fill out the corresponding survey. Qualified applicants will be contacted via Discord, so please keep an eye on your messages and stay connected.

Thank you for considering joining our team! We look forward to receiving your applications.

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