Developer Feedback September 2023

September 28, 2023

September Developer Feedback
We’ve collected the top community feedback from the last couple of weeks and have answered each of them in detail.

Q:After the 8-hour Castle Battle, we are feeling exhausted and unable to immediately appoint the president. Could the appointment period be extended?
A: Thank you for sharing your feedback. The developer team fully understands players’ desire for additional time to consider the presidential candidate. We have plans to optimize this feature by late October.

Q: It would be great if the entire state could view the duration of a player’s ministerial position. This would make it easier to make full use of the ministerial buff.
A: Sure, it’s feasible. The developer team will optimize this feature in late October.

Q: Please incorporate an alliance poll feature. That will help facilitate decision-making when different options are on the table.
A: Thank you for your suggestion. The developer team is actively working on the poll system. It will be available in late October.

Q: Megaphones are being used to spread toxicity in some states, please add a cool-down time.
A:Thank you for your suggestion. The developer team will consider it and create a friendly & healthy chat environment for all the players.

Q: Please make it easier for r4/r5 members to identify who hasn’t signed up for the Alliance Championship.
A: This is a reasonable request. However, implementing this feature will require some time. We genuinely appreciate your patience.

Thank you for submitting your feedback! We look forward to hearing more from our loyal players!
Disclaimer: The developer feedback and solutions provided here are not final and may be subject to change.

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