Developer Feedback March

March 23, 2023

Developers’ feedback time! In this section, we have answered the most concerned questions from the community. Check out if there is any good news that interests you!

Q: The attack time between waves is too short for Crazy Joe, and I don’t have enough time to recall my troops from HQ.
A: We’ve noticed the issue and will extend the attack time between special waves in the next update!

Q: Please add a button in the world map for quick healing. I don’t want to keep switching to the city during battles.
A: Thanks for your feedback. This function is already available during the Sunfire Castle battle. We’ll consider making it available in more situations.

Q: Allow Vice President to distribute titles.
A: Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll add this feature in the future.

Q: Please make the Sunfire Castle buff cooldown timer visible to all players, so they can prepare for the next buff should the President enact it.
A: This is a reasonable request. We will optimize it later.

Q: Add more edicts.
A: Sure thing! We’ll need to investigate further before adding more edicts. This will take some time. We truly appreciate your patience with developers as we optimize this function.

Q: 1 attack reduces 5 points. If a base has 20k def points, we need to attack 4000 times to force inactive players to move out of that base. Please fix this!
A: We heard your request! We have already fixed it. If players have been inactive for 3 days, the burning speed will be 50 times faster than usual.

Q: It would be nice if you could add Stamina Can to VIP Store.
A: Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll consider rewarding stamina through various events in a later update.

Q: Can I request that you turn off the red dots after we check the fortress battle event page? The constant mark saying “hey look here” is annoying.
A: We understand your point and agree with it. We will optimize it in a later update.

Thank you for submitting your feedback! We look forward to hearing more from our loyal players!

Disclaimer: The developer feedback and solutions provided here are not final and may be subject to change.

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