Developer Feedback June 2023

September 28, 2023

Q: Could you please provide more details in the battle report? It’s frustrating to see the battle report only shows the simple battle result.
A: Thank you for your valuable feedback. The developer team understands that a battle report with more details would be helpful for players to understand how they won or lost. The battle report will be optimized in late July.

Q: Kindly add an alliance calendar so R4/5 can add a specific date for event they wanted the alliance member to be notified about.
A: Sure, it’s feasible. The developer team is planning to introduce a personal To-Do List in late July, allowing players to see the exact time of all future alliance events if r4/r5 set the pre-registration event time.

Q: The matchmaking system for Foundry Battle event is unfair, please fix it.
A: The developer team understands that it’s frustrating when there’s a big gap in troop power between two alliances. Currently, the matchmaking interface only displays the total troop power of the combatants, without including substitutes. However, the actual matchmaking is based on the total troop power of the top 25 registered chiefs, including substitutes. This will be optimized later, and the real matchmaking points will be displayed in the interface.

Q: Please give the option of having a separate chat like a group chat or State chat during State of Power event.
A: The developer team is working on a feature that would allow players to invite friends to join the group chat, which can make it easier for players to communicate and coordinate ahead of time. This feature is estimated to come out in the late July update.

Q: It’s unfair for servers with Gen 3 heroes max to be matched against servers with Gen 4 heroes in the State of Power event.
A: Thank you for your feedback. The developer team has already optimized the matchmaking system. In future State of Power event, the server will only match with servers that have heroes of the same generation.

Q: Only Invaders could teleport where they wish, Defenders should be able to occupy any tile to defend other alliances from their server in the State of Power event.
A: Thank you for your feedback. Considering the invaders will automatically return to their own server after the battle phase, while defenders may remain inside other alliance territories. To protect the territories of different alliances on the same server, we may not change this.

Q: For the State of Power event, please consider letting people from the same state join the turret/castle regardless of their alliance to create a more “Server against Server” feeling.
A: Considering that the social environments of different servers vary, the occupation rules are still based on alliances. For SVS, special rules have been added: during the battle phase, if both the Sunfire Castle and Turrets are occupied by alliances from the same State, the turret will not attack the occupant of the Sunfire Castle. With this rule, alliances can cooperate and bring glory to the server.

Q: The 8 hours battle for Sunfire Castle is tedious and boring, can you shorten the time needed to fully control it?
A: The developer team is taking this change into consideration, but we need more time and data to plan for the best solution for all of you.

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