Developer Feedback July 2023

September 28, 2023

Greetings! It has been a while since the last developer feedback, but rest assured, we have been keeping track of your suggestions and feedback!

Q: I can see a well-detailed ice river near my settlement. Why not allow us to fish there?
A: You’re quite observant! Actually, the fishing event is ready and will be available in the late July update.

Q: Many players get upset for not being able to take part in the Foundry Battle as only 30 out of 100 can play.
A: The developer team will introduce a new mechanic to the Foundry Battle, allowing each alliance to send out two legions. This change will double the number of players who can engage in the event. The feature is scheduled to go live in the late July update.

Q: When Fortress Battle rewards are distributed by the R5/4, it would be nice to have a button that directly goes to 20 instead of tapping 20 times.
A: Thank you for your valuable feedback. The developer team is currently working on a solution to make it easier for R4/R5 to identify participants and quickly distribute rewards without multiple clicks. This optimization will be implemented in August.

Q: It would be nice if we could preview the exclusive gear skills.
A: This is indeed feasible. The developer team plans to add skill previews for exclusive gears in August.

Q: For the Alliance Championship, please allow R5/R4 to manually move members to another lane.
A: Absolutely! However, implementing this feature will require some time. We genuinely appreciate your patience.

Q: Since most players don’t have the same time zones, it would be nice if the president could schedule state buffs.
A: Thank you for your suggestion. The developer team will evaluate the feature and take it into consideration.

Q: The Supreme President should have the ability to decide whether to grant buffs to an overruled state or not.
A: That is a reasonable suggestion. The developer team is considering this change, but we require additional time to plan and find the best solution for all players involved.

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