Developer Feedback August 2023

September 28, 2023

Developers’ feedback time! In this section, we have answered the most concerned questions from the community. Check out if there is any good news that interests you!

Q: Add a new Epic Hero.
A:We’ve heard you! The dev team is planning to add THREE epic heroes in the September update. Stay tuned!

Q: Add more useful items to Trading Station Shop
A:Thank you for the suggestion. The dev team will consider adding more items to the shop. This will be implemented in September.

Q: The constant notification for troops returning from auto-joined rally is annoying. Please add an option to turn off this notification.
A: This is a reasonable request. We will optimize it in September.

Q: Make it possible to share the troop encampings coordinate.
A: Sure, it’s feasible. The dev team will optimize it in September.

Q: Make a button to ‘claim all’ Daily quests.
A:Thank you for your suggestion. The developer team will evaluate the feature and take it into consideration.

Q: Please fix the matchmaking for the State of Power event. It’s really terrible.
A: We deeply understand your concerns. A stable and fair matchmaking system is crucial for players’ gaming experience, and it has been a constant focus of our developer team.

Thank you for your feedback. The dev team will further study and improve SvS matchmaking based on the collected suggestions to ensure that players can enjoy the event even more.”

Q: Add more time slots for Frostfire Events.
A: The developer team is considering this as a possibility but will need more data to further the plan.

Thank you for submitting your feedback! We look forward to hearing more from our loyal players!
Disclaimer: The developer feedback and solutions provided here are not final and may be subject to change.

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