Developer Feedback April 2023

September 28, 2023

Q: Please optimize the gathering task in alliance mobilization. The points should be different based on the complexity of the resource.
A: Thanks for your suggestion! We will take your suggestion into consideration for future updates.

Q: The heal help notifications block the rally button during the Sunfire Castle combat.
A: Thanks for your feedback! We totally understand how inconvenient it can be during an intense war. This optimization will be implemented in the upcoming update.

Q: Please add a notification for rallying the same target, It’s kind of wasting time if someone else gets it first.
A: Thanks for your feedback! We’re happy to let you know that we’re currently working on implementing this feature in one of our future updates!

Q: The Saber-tooth Tiger looks terrible
A: Thanks for your valuable feedback. We’ll optimize the model of polar terror on the map.

Q: Please allow us to attack the beast automatically.
A: Thank you for your suggestion. We’re actually already on it and working to implement this feature soon. Stay tuned for updates!

Q: Chats are really buggy. Please fix it!
A: The chat refreshing issue was fixed on April 14 hotfix. The tech team is still locating the empty chat problem and will fix it as soon as possible.

Q: Please add stamina and teleport in the VIP Shop
A: Thank you for your suggestion. We will take your suggestions into consideration for future updates.

Q: Add A Trading Post to trade resources between alliance members.
A: We appreciate your feedback. However, as the game progresses and players become more advanced, there are more ways to get resources in the game. Therefore, we do not have any plans to introduce a resource trading system.

Disclaimer: The developer feedback and solutions provided here are not final and may be subject to change.

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