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December 21, 2023
Whiteout Survival held the first ever offline player meetup in Korea on December 16th, 2023. The meetup went great, everyone were excited to share their gaming experience. We have received a lot of valuable feedback and suggestions, here’s the Q&A for you to check out!

:We wish to see more details in battle.
: There can be many rounds in a battle, but the current battle reports can’t show all the details well. We understand that many would love to see more details in battles, so we will continue to optimize the battle reports in the future to provide more details.

:Will the upcoming State Transfer event be an event for alliances or individuals? What are the requirements? For example, if some items are needed, how do we obtain them?
:We’ve posted relevant info on our Facebook page, you can check the link below for more details.

:More wait time options for rallies, such as 1/2/3 minutes. 5 minutes is too long.
: The 5-minute timer is meant to give the defender sufficient time to counter and organize their defenses. Therefore, we will not be adjusting the rally time to promote a more balanced gameplay.

:The events are getting repetitive, are there any plans to increase the involvement of players that prefer not to invest heavily in the game?
: Player involvement has always been our priority. The legion system added to the Foundry Battle is exactly for the same reason: allowing more players to participate in battles. We will continue to keep a close eye on player experience and provide more opportunities for fun for everyone.

:Will Infantry Heroes have Rally Attack related stats or are there any plans to buff Jeronimo to make him more useful in the end-game?
: During battles, the attacker has the advantage of choosing the time, place, and number of participants, and so on. To promote a more balanced gameplay, we will not be adding Infantry Heroes with Rally Attack-related stats.

:The State of Power event is too long. Are there any plans to change it? The reward for it is underwhelming compared to the 8 hours of intense battle. Are there plans to increase it? Also, can we form temporary alliances with other alliances on the same server?
:We are considering shortening the battle for Sunfire Castle to 6 hours. 3 hours of continuous occupation can end the battle early, shortening the event time. Forming alliances within the same state is an interesting idea. We will be discussing this internally.

:Now that we have State Transfer, when can we get a Server Merge?
: The State Transfer event will be available to selected states in January. State Merge will be implemented in the future.

:What is the Oasis system mentioned in the early version preview? Will it be pay to unlock?
: The Oasis System will be unlockable after reaching a certain furnace level, allowing chiefs to collect decorations from different events to create their dreamt paradise.

:For older servers, rewards from some events are no longer needed, are there any plans to change them?
: We will continue to improve and optimize existing events. We have already added more challenging levels to the Mercenary Prestige event to get more rewards.

:The occupation rules in Foundry Battle cause players to be unwilling to occupy buildings at the beginning of the event, until the very end.
:Thank you for the feedback. Occupying buildings early on in the Foundry Battle does have some advantages, but we will be investigating this concern raised with more data from the game and checking if there’s a need to adjust the rules.

:Ratio of troop type visible in battle-related features.
: Thank you for the suggestion. We are planning to introduce Deploy troops at a ratio in the Deployment interface, as well as allowing chiefs to view troop type ratio in the battle report and the Intel interface.

:Allow Alliance Leaders to cancel rallies initiated by other allies in the alliance.
: Thank you for the suggestion. Alliance members R4 and above will be able to cancel rallies initiated by other members. This allows for better management of rallies within alliances.

:Distributing rewards for Fortress Battle can be cumbersome.
: Thank you for the suggestion. We will be optimizing the reward distribution process/actions in Fortress Battle.

:More ways to obtain Fire Crystals.
: Thank you for the feedback, we will be improving this by introducing more ways to obtain/giving more Fire Crystals in future updates.

:Add battle replay feature in the Arena, I want to know how did the opponent beat me.
: Thank you for the suggestion. We will be adding battle replay in Arena in future updates.

:There is retired hero gear, we want ways to recycle it.
: Thank you for the suggestion. We understand your concern, this will be discussed and implemented in future updates.

:Healing in Castle Battle requires manual input every time, can we save our last input for consecutive usage?
: Thank you for the suggestion. That would be a bug, we will be fixing it as soon as possible.

:Can we improve the zoom in the City and the Wilderness? Allow it to not revert back to the default zoom.
: Thank you for the suggestion. City display will remember and use the zoom level of the Wilderness display after switching back from it in a future update.

:Revert the enhancements done on gears.
:Thank you for the suggestion. We will be adding a feature to revert gear enhancement level.

:Introduce more aspects for battles, such as terrain.
: Thank you for the suggestion. The planned Three Alliance Battlefield will have new rules to march and battle, stay tuned!

This is our first-ever offline player meetup, with lots of feedback and suggestions received. We will surely be holding meetups in other parts of the world in the future, please stay tuned! Let us grow together and ready for our next encounter!
Thank you all for the trust and support!
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