Tips for Crazy Joe

April 9, 2023

Crazy Joe is an Alliance event during which players can get materials for enhancing chief gears.

Below are some details and tips for the event. Hope it will help you to get better results in the event.

Joe will send out up to 20 waves of bandits to attack all the members in the alliance. The more waves you defend against successfully, the better rewards you will receive.

Joe will not attack you if you fail to defend twice. During the event, you can send extra troops to reinforce your allies to score more points. When all allies have failed twice, the challenge is over.

-Shields don’t work during the event;
-Participants won’t lose resources if they are defeated;
-On wave 7, 14 and 17, only a few members will be attacked. If you are not a target during these waves, reinforce other bases being attacked;
-On wave 10 & 20, the bandit will only target Alliance HQ. It’s wise to make the strongest player be the rally leader.
-The Alliance and members won’t receive points for waves that didn’t attack.

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