Batch Healing Guide for Beginners

October 30, 2023
In Whiteout Survival, your troops will inevitably take heavy hits, leaving you with wounded units in the infirmary. Whether it’s from Fortress fights, Sun Fire castle events, State Vs State, or alliance wars, healing your troops swiftly becomes crucial.
1) they can get back to the fight and;
2) you fill your infirmary to capacity and start losing troops (a percentage of lost troops can be recovered via the enlistment office).
Though you might be tempted to select all of your wounded troops and heal them at once, there’s a better, and faster, way BATCH HEALING.
Batch Healing
Batch Healing, also known as Micro Healing, involves healing your troops in small fractions or batches. This allows you to benefit from healing timers within your alliance and perform “instant-heal” for each batch. The ideal number of troops per batch depends on factors like wounded troop types, Hero skills, infirmary and Embassy levels, etc. A good rule of thumb is to choose 1 hour of troop heals per batch. If you’re a higher-level HQ and there’s strong online alliance support, you might even “INSTANT-HEAL” 2 to 3 hours of troops at once.
To determine what your maximum heal time is for each batch to “INSTANT-HEAL” take a look at your Timer Help Duration and Timer Helps under your Embassy building Details.
For this level 27 Embassy Building, Timer Help Duration is 88 + 150 = 238 seconds (or 3 min, 10 sec), and this chief can receive 27 + 15 = 42 Timer Helps from alliance members. Since each Timer Help is 3:10 reduced healing time, if they get all 42 Timer Helps, healing time will be reduced by 2 hours, 17 min.
For an “INSTANT-HEAL,” make sure each batch heals in less than 2 hours and 17 minutes, with 42 alliance players offering Timer Helps. Finding the best batch healing time is essential, considering constant online help can be challenging. Experiment with batch times, starting around 1 hour, to discover your perfect balance.

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