April Developer Feedback

April 12, 2024
Our monthly developer feedback session is here again! In this post, we will address some of the most important questions and suggestions from you. Keep reading to see if there’s any exciting news!

: There are not enough formations/squads to deal with all battles. Please add more!
: This is a great suggestion! We plan to add 2 more formations/squads in future updates.

: Is it possible to add a feature that allows us to recall messages sent by mistake?
: Thank you for your suggestion! We will introduce this feature in future updates. Please stay tuned.

: When I was creating a new character on an older server, I couldn’t get Gina because I missed Gina’s Revenge. Please provide another source for this hero.
: To solve this issue, we will introduce another source to obtain Gina in future updates.

: Please increase the Power Cap for transfer. The current cap is too low.
: Thank you for your suggestion! We will increase the Power Cap for all tiers in the upcoming version.

: Please add a button for local time conversion on the Position Reservation page.
: Your suggestion is much appreciated! We will add the button in the May version update.

: When is the next State Transfer?
: The next State Transfer is expected to kick off at the end of April for some States. Please follow our social media for the latest updates.

: Will there be a new Epic Hero? If yes, what will be the stats?
: We have noticed the popularity of Epic Heroes among all of you, so we plan to introduce another Epic Hero in the May version. Please stay tuned for the specific for the hero!

It is inconvenient to check the quantity of pet food. Please add a page that displays the information.
: Your suggestion is great! We recognize your need to keep track of your resources, so we plan to include the quantity of pet food on the Backpack summary page.

: The current Crazy Joe event is too easy. Please increase the difficulty to make the event more challenging for us!
: This is a great suggestion! We will increase the difficulty and rewards of Crazy Joe in the upcoming version to bring more fun to everyone!

When will the Oasis system mentioned in Anniversary Wishes be launched? I can’t wait to try it!
: Thank you for your love and support! The Oasis system will be available in the April version. Please stay tuned.

Thank you for these awesome feedbacks! We look forward to hearing more from our loyal players!
⚠Disclaimer: The feedback and solutions provided here are not final and are subject to change.
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