What's the difference between attack and lethality?

Lethality and attack are all part of the damage calculation formula.
Lethality is more for HP damage.
Attack is more for lowering enemies’ defense.

How do I get my people to move faster when marching

For that you have many ways :
1. Using Gina’s passive capacity
2. Having some marching skin, they give 5% marching speed (only Hunting) and it’s cumulative (2 skins give a total of 10%)
3. You can get some expeditions facilities with your alliance, which gives 15% with a level 3
4. And then you can use gems to speed your march by 25% or 50%, only for the actual march
5. Using Walis Bokan passive capacity

Are a hero's boosting skills still effective if they die in battle?

Yes. For example, Sergey’s expedition skill remains effective even after his death.

When to use Exploration skill and when to use Expedition skill?

When you can only use 3 heroes, they use Expedition skills;
When you can use up to 5 heroes, they use exploration skills.

I noticed that some skill descriptions in both Exploration and Expedition modes mention 'every x seconds' or 'for x seconds'. How are these calculated, and is it the same for both modes?

The combat mechanics for Exploration and Expedition are different.

Expedition mode uses turn-based combat, where both sides cast skills simultaneously within one turn. Therefore, 1 turn equals 1 second.

In Exploration mode, combat is real-time and visible, unlike turn-based combat in Expedition. Therefore, there are no ‘turns’ in Exploration skills.

How to dismiss my troops?

Click profile – troop, and click the troop you wanna dismss you will see the option. If you have maxed all the troops, you will not see the option

Any advice how to keep your troops protected?

You could send them as reinforcement to someone that has a shield. Or to your fortress/an alliance banner. No guarantees on the last options that no attacks happen tho. But it’s an option

If is possible to promote troops or soldiers from lower level to higher?

Troop promotion feature will be available after unlocking T5.

Should I focus on promoting old troops or training new troops?

TLDR: create new troops in the early game until you feel comfortable with your army size -> after that, promoting troops should be your priority.

This is because you want lots of high-tier troops as fast as possible.
Upgrading lets you promote larger amounts of troops to the highest tier compared to training them.

Bonus Tip: promote troops during the Hall of Chiefs event or the Alliance Mobilization to get a lot of points!

Reasons you want higher-tier troops:

(1) Lower-tier troops fill up your infirmary faster in case of a battle.
(2) A smaller number of higher-tier troops is preferable over a higher number of lower-tier troops (this is regarding almost all events, e.g., bear trap, sunfire castle, crazy joe, AC)
(3) Higher-tier troops are much more effective at war (because the troops’ base values are multiplied with stat bonuses) and at gathering resources (since they have a higher load capacity)

How to protect my troops?

If you got attacked by someone else while you are online.. just lunch rally with the longest time.. your troops will lock on rally mode.. your troops not hurt but if he still attacking your rss might be plundered

Or you can garrison facilities! it could be a good hiding spot for like 2 days. Note: when your barricade got 0 your HQ will be randomly teleported..and your troops will go back to your base.

why my lv26 infantry camp get more green bonus than my lv 27 marksman camp?

The total bonus for both camps is the same. The green bonus is from another two camps. Take Lv.26 infantry camp for example, the green bonus is from Lv.27 marksman camp + Lv.26 Lancer camp.
If you level up the infantry camp to lv.27, you can see the difference.

How does the training speed/capacity work?

Take Infantry camp for example:
The bonus comes from infantry camp + lancer camp + marksman camp + research.

So you will find the training speed/capacity are always the same for different camps even though the buildings level is different.

What to do if I lost my account?

Contact in-game Customer Support and provide the following info:

-Account ID (if any) and Server ID
-Social accounts (Google, Facebook) and email addresses of lost accounts
-Screenshot of the purchase receipt associated with the lost account
-Lost account information (such as your nickname, chief level, number of diamonds, number of heroes, etc.)

How to unbind my Google Play Games?

Open Play Games – Profile – Settings – Change account for games – Sign out.

After finishing this, contact in-game customer support to unlink it.

I'm getting an instant error of 3xxx when trying to make any purchase. Any clue what that means and how to solve that?

To solve all kinds of payment bugs, you can try the following method:

a. Relog in your current google/apple account on your device and only keep 1 main account.
b. Clear the cache
c. Restart the device
d. Reinstall the game (Make sure you’ve already linked your account to FB or Gmail)

If none of the above methods work for you, you can contact in game customer support for help.

What to do if I didn't get my packs?

There may be a delay in processing payments. You can try logging out of your game and then try logging in again. If you still haven’t your items after 24 hours, please contact in-game customer support with the following information:

1. Time of payment
2. Purchase Amount
3. The screenshot of the purchase history (including the payment ID) on Google Play(GPA#) or App Store

As soon as we confirm your information, we will find the solution.

How can I check my purchase history?

If you do not receive the correct items purchased or have doubts about certain orders, you can view your purchase history at any time. Please follow this guide to check: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2850369?hl=en#zippy=

For iOS users, you can access your iTunes through your Device
1) Open the Device Settings.
2) Tap your name, then tap Media & Purchases. You might be asked to sign in.
3) Tap Purchase History.

*Additional information
You will receive an email invoice every time a payment is deducted. Invoices will be sent approximately every $20 or 12 hours, whichever occurs first. The email invoice will also display the order number.

How can I demand a refund?

Contact in-game customer support for help when your purchase was not delivered or different items were received. Please note that we can’t take responsibility for players who accidentally tap in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Our policy is to help players who fall victim to bugs and glitches (things for which the developer is to blame), at any and all time.

You can also contact your Game Store to get a refund under their policies.

App Store:

Google Play:

What is the timeline for generation come?

Gen 1: 0 Days
Gen 2: 40 Days
Sunfire Castle: 54 Days
Pet Gen 1: 55 Days
Fire Crystal: 60 Days
Pet Gen 2: 78 Days
SVS: 80 days / 12 Weeks
Pet Gen 3: 100-120 Days
Gen 3: 120 Days
Fire Crystal 5 / Fire Crystal Laboratory: 150 Days (1 month after gen 3)
Gen 4: 200 Days (60-80 Day after Gen 3 / 30 – 50 after fire crystal 5)
Pet Gen 4: 200 Days
War Tech Academy: 230 days (1 Month after Gen 4)
Gen 5: 280 Days  (60 -80 Day after Gen 4 / 30 -50 day after War Tech Academy)
Fire Crystal 8: 330 Days (45-60 Days after Gen 5)
Gen 6: 360 Days (60/80 Days after Gen 5)
Gen 7: 440 days (uncertain for now)

How to get more steel?

The main source for steel is the Expedition Battle and Idle income. The further you progress in the Expedition the higher your Idle income will be. If you can’t wait there’s a pack in the store for this resource as well

How can I send resources to my clanmates?

The game does not have a direct resource transfer between alliance mates

Can we select the level of mine that interests us?

Yes, for that you just have to go to “world” use the small magnifying glass, find the farm you are interested in, and select the level you need

I send troops to the farms but he doesn't get all the resources, why?

It’s all about troops, the game automatically sends a march with the number of troops needed to recover all the resources from a farm. If your number of troops is too low compared to the level of the farm, you will not be able to recover all the resources and you will have to go there in several times.

What are the different ways to collect resources in the game?

There are a lot:

-The farms

-The events

-Beasts (simple beasts, polar terror, rinho, mammoth ect)

– Daily quests.

– Production buildings in your city

-Attack other players

-The rewards granted when your survivors are happy

Resources reappear?

Yes, once the farm is empty, a new one will reappear

Once the warehouse is full, can we continue to collect resources?

Of course, the warehouse is simply used to protect your resources from other players, you can continue to collect them, however all the resources that are not protected can be recovered by another player if he attacks you

Is it interesting to up the steel objects in the place of production?

There is a total of 20 levels per object each object will bring you a bonus, be less production time, more production ect. It’s worth increasing them when you have enough steel to spent. Before, I advise you to prioritize your technologies.

Do we recover our production resources even if we are disconnected?

Yes, while you are disconnected, resources continue to accumulate for a maximum of 12 hours.

Where can we see the resources we have?

You can see them in the resources tab, to the right of the temperature level. You will also find the production time per minute/h, and the number of resources protected by the warehouse.

How to get resources for the alliance?

All you have to do is place a banner around one of the many alliance farms available on the map

if the facility is on vulnerable condition.. bonuses still active?

Nope, it won’t be effective for vulnerable one
You can use alt to reset those facilities

Do I need to build alliance banners adjacent to attack?

For facilities you need an alliance banner next to the area.

This does not apply to
– Fortress
– Stronghold
– Sunfire Castle
These can be attacked even without an alliance banner adjacent to them

After gaining full control over a fortress/stronghold; there's a grace period of about 2 days until the "defence phase" starts. What's the defence phase? Does the fortress start with 0 reinforcements?

You capture a stronghold/fortress and are auto signed up for it as the defender of said building, you have no extra time to send troops or something it will be like the first time you took that building pretty much.

When applying for the fortress battle why do we have to choose 3 timings? Do we have to participate in all three?

Considering players are from different time zones, it would be easier to decide the final timing for the fortress fight according to the final votes. You can pick 3 timings out of 5. And the most voted one will be your battle time.

Our alliance got a Gathering Facility. Today, the shields are open again and we're on the defensive. The Vulnerable time is listed as 22 hours and 47 minutes, does my Federation have to defend the Gathering Facility for this amount of time?

If other alliances touch this facility.. You can ask them to reset the time. Reset means they need to send 1 troop to sit a little bit and you attack while that person still sits on the facility. So the timer will be 15 mins instead of 22 hours for defense. If there’s no Alliance touching your facility, the shield will close following the cooling down time… During that period, the bonuses will not be activated. That’s why need your second alliance to help this facility reset. Credit to:

How to replace a R5?

R4 can replace R5, If the R5 is offline for 3 days. If there is no R4, anyone in the alliance can replace him with 200 gems after the R5 is offline for 5 days

What are KO rankings?

It refers to kill rankings.

Why I can only send 5 players to build alliance HQ? I mean there is 13k/33k soldier in HQ with only 5 members, and everyone who sent more can't. They are dismissed.

The troop capacity of a building is determined by its Command Center level, not the total number of people that can enter. Alliance tech should make it possible to increase the attendee caps on buildings. Same for Rallys on polar terrors. This tech is for rally slots

Can we send alliance emails?

We don’t have this feature at the moment. But you can send group messages via [Alliance] – [Settings] – [Message]

How to activate auto rally?

picture credit to: babybliss

How long does it take for banners to expire when they have the expire status?

Until someone tears them down. Either the alliance that built them can destroy them or someone else

They can be activated any time again once they have a connection to the HQ again

How many banners can we put up?

The maximum number of banners is 285.

is the resource cost of banners fixed or does it evolves ?

The resource cost of banners evolves, the more banners you place, the more the number of resources to create one will increase

Does demolishing a building make it disappear or is it stored?

Once a building is demolished you will have to completely rebuild it.

Alliances with no alliance farm within banner reach can't add banners (or do anything), as 'alliance meat' is required to add a banner.

Please plan properly before placing banners as the positioning is important. If you place your banner in the wrong place that cannot generate alliance resources. You can destroy the banner and rebuild it. The first 10 banners are free.

What is the tundra? Can I build HQ on Fertile land? Where is the best place to build HQ?

There are 3 kinds of areas:

  1. Icefield –> at the beginning of the game you will start here.
  2. Tundra –> will open after finishing your state challenge (monument), this area has IRON Alliance RSS
  3. Fertile –> open before sunfire castle, have a higher level of resources.

You can’t build alliance headquarters on Fertile land, the system only allowed building HQ on Tundra and Icefield. This screenshot might be helpful..build near edge Dark Grean (means near Fertile Land but still HQ at tundra) so you can gather rss for higher level (not so far from hive) Credit to:

When is the fog going to lift?

After unlocking [Banner Raised High] in Monument, you will be able to enter the tundra. The alliance iron mine will also be available. After unlocking [Grand Conquest] in Monument, you will be able to enter the fertile land.

How to place banners in tundra and fertile land ?

To be able to place banners in the tundra or the Fertile Lands, you will need to have unlocked “Tundra Survey” and Fertile Land Expedition” this can be found in the “expansion” tab of your alliance technologies.

If you have just started a new server, I advise you to quickly unlock “tundra surveying”, allowing you not to be surprised once the fog is lifted

Why is there fog?

The fog serves as your level of play, the more your state evolves, the more the different zones are unlocked, and you get closer to your final objective, the solar castle.

How to level up my alliance level?

1. By actively contributing to alliance tech
2. By completing daily missions

If we send higher Tier army to build flags or HQ does it build faster?

The higher tier will build faster for the same amount of troops

I have completed this banner to take unoccupied alliance farm. But it doesn't come to me after completing banner. Why?

In the picture below, the banner only occupies 50% of the alliance farm, but it requires 75% inside the territory to generate alliance resources.

If I erect banner again... Moving 1~2 square to right.. Still can't take it, right? Because 50% is already taken by other alliance...

The answer is yes, you cannot take the alliance farm unless you destroy banners built by another alliance first, then build one more banner to have the alliance farm inside your territory

Enlistment Office

A prerequisite for Enlistment Office to work is to have a FULL infirmary! The capacity of your Enlistment Office is 4 times the size of your infirmary. When the number of troops injured in battle exceeds your infirmary capacity, they will die on the battlefield. And the Enlistment Office will be able to save 60% of troops that fail to be accepted by the infirmary. When you’re on defense as long as your infirmary isn’t FULL, your troops will never die and your EO will not do anything. While you’re on offense, you will always have killed and injured troops. Your EO will save none of your dead troops. But 70% of INJURED troops that cannot get into the infirmary can be enlisted by EO. Note: The loyalty points can only be accumulated when you have troops inside the enlistment office.

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